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Total Body Fitness

If you've hit a plateau, struggle with athleticism or need to simply shake up your usual routine, here are five reasons the Total-Body sessions might be suited for you. Our sessions allow you to burn more calories in less time, build more muscle, increase strength, maximise workout efficiency and also allow you to develop greater flexibility. Enquire today!

Fighting Fit

Boxing and Kickboxing are now very popular fitness regimes. If it's a lean, toned, strong fit looking body you're after then this is for you.

Education & Training

Our aim is to educate, coach and mentor individuals to assist in achieving their health, lifestyle and professional goals. Our team is a passionate group of individuals who strive to always deliver a first class service.

Exercise Physiology
Exercise Physiology is a discipline involving the study of how exercise alters the structure and function of the human body. We rehabilitate chronic and acute illnesses as well as train athletes.

Welcome to X Phys and Health

Do you live in Belgrave or the Dandenong ranges? Do you want RESULTS with your fitness, health, want to lose weight, create the body you have always wanted, treat a chronic condition, such as diabetes or sports injuries? Then we can help. We make a difference in your life as we are client/patient focused.

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Our Trainers

To take a trivial example, which of us ever undertakes laborious physical
exercise, except to obtain some advantage from it


To take a trivial example, which of us ever undertakes laborious physical
exercise, except to obtain some advantage from it

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  • 9.00. Total Body Class. 1 Hr.
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  • 9.30 Fit X Press Class. 30min.
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  • 11.00am. Total Body. 1 Hr.
  • 06:30PM
  • 6:30pm.Total Body Class. 1hr.
  • 6:30pm.Total Body Class. 30mins.
  • 07:00PM
  • 7:00.Kickboxing Drills.1 Hr.
  • 7:00.Kickboxing Skills.1 Hr.
  • I have been training with X Phys and Health for 6 years now. I couldn't find anyone that would persist with my Fibro-mylasia. Zak took me on and now I have no symptoms and have also reduced my Golf handicap. Thanks for the ongoing support and direction to all the team at X Phys.

    Lucy KornfeldRehab and Fitness 6 years
  • I came with my wife, both had an amazing time and lost a lot of weight. We have been feeling a lot better about ourselves. Thanks to Zak for being such an helpful coach and always being there for us in the worst of times!! A a big thanks to the rest of the team for inspiration and motivation.

    Sam VilshanskyWeight Loss and Fitness 18 months
  • Awesome fitness workout for the whole body. Great interval training and skill work. Zak and the team are great motivators and professionals. I highly recommend fighting fit in Belgrave South.

    Ned BaxterBulk Up and Boxing 2 years
  • I was referred to Fight fit by my hairdresser Michael. I found the place to be very professional and it was so much fun. The instructors were really nice and most of all the other people training were super nice. I am a little over weight and i want that body for summer so hopefully I can stick to the training. I got a chance to sit with the instructors and work out a eating plan which is amazing. Once again thank you Zak for the great training night. I would have to say Fight Fit is Melbourne's best personal training centre

    Ellie WorthWeight Loss 2 years
  • I went to Fighting Fit to take off a few kilos and within weeks I was getting great results! I highly recommend getting down and checking it out! Thanks Zak and Amanda for the help.

    Jack BradyBoxing and Weight Loss 1 year


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